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The Founder, Kenny Lai (Lai Ho Wa)

    Welcome to the homepage of our organization, the Alphasoft Software Organization(or ASO). We are a non-commerical company, and we are keen on making Open-source softwares. If you are Visual Basic programmer, you have gone to the right place. There are plenty of codes, include ActiveX Controls, Coding Samples, Complete Applications and more.

    There are some Visual Basic Samples, all written by myself. I have also distributed some of the applications. They are free to use of any purpose. The source code is NOT provided. If you want the source, E-mail to me, and I will give you immediately. The source code can be used for many purpose, for example, learning. But if you want to re-distribute them for commerical purpose, I will not recommand this, although you can do this. Please respect the Copyright Laws.

    I am a member of the  All the source code here can be found in the PSC. The purpose of this web site is to introduce my code. Feel free to explore here.

Kenny Lai